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About us

Since 2000, Faberg Furniture has been providing interior design solutions for private and public spaces. Faberg Furniture designs and manufactures furniture and interior components of the highest quality.
Our clients are both professionals in their field (hotels, restaurants, shops, sea vessel interiors) and private clients.
Our specialization is split into three main segments: interiors for business premises, interiors for residential premises and complex solutions upon special requests and orders (kitchen equipment for a restaurant, a warehouse, technical premises). Our designers are distinguished by professionalism and long-term practice, a broad outlook that allows us to fully meet the expectations of our customers.


In its production, Faberg Furniture places great emphasis on the materials used. The key factors are not only durability, but also compliance with international standards and an attractive appearance of our products.
In compliance with the operational rules, furniture in public areas can withstand heavy loads and looks good after years of usage.


Our company constantly monitors new trends, searches for new products and conducts its own quality control tests an assurance of materials.


Presentability, durability, as well as compliance with the goals of use - these are the qualities that we rely on when designing furniture for our customers.
As professionals, we understand that furniture in private and public areas should be practical, durable, and in excellent condition for many years.


Our team will help you to:

  • Produce drawings of interior parts according to the concept of the Architect;
  • Perform the project of premises and partitions;
  • Perform an electricity and lighting project;
  • Develop a color solution;
  • Execute a plan of furniture and equipment location;
  • Choose finishing materials;
  • Choose a decor;
  • Directly manufacture furniture and interior details;
  • Deliver and assemble furniture and interior parts at the facility;
  • Perform current and warranty service facility.